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International Woman's Day and a brief insight into our up-coming collection.

Introducing a heritage-inspired collection procured to seamlessly bridge the gap between past elegance and future allure. After months of meticulous preparation, we have crafted a selection designed to elevate your wardrobe and provide endless versatility.

We undertook a deep dive into material research, experimented with colour palettes and gauged emerging trends whilst prioritizing garment longevity over fleeting fashion fads. Our aim? To offer pieces destined to stand the test of time and which we hope will become cherished staples in your wardrobe for years to come. We aim to transcend the churn of transient trends that saturate the industry. International Women’s Day takes place in March yet our collection celebrates you, every day. We firmly believe that clothing serves as more than mere fabric; it's a canvas for self-expression, a shield, and a beacon of individuality.

Our pieces are crafted for confidence or offering a comforting embrace.

The Inspiration Style

is an ever-evolving journey, often draws inspiration from the past. We are inspired by the timeless elegance of our grandmother Patricia Ramsay, the allure of vintage photographs and style icons. We pay homage to our heritage by using Scottish wool cloth and tartans that are steeped in tradition and unparalleled beauty.

With each carefully tailored garment, you are crafting your own legacy and wearing a piece to be treasured and passed down.

The Evolution of Blazers

Reflecting on history, blazers have long been associated with men's fashion. However, over time, we've witnessed a transformative shift as women boldly embraced this garment, reshaping its original definition. This evolution highlights the blazer's remarkable journey towards becoming an androgynous garment, a symbol of both power and femininity. Delving into the past, we've echoed how women effortlessly redefined oversized blazers to suit their individual styles, crafting a universally flattering alternative that transcends size barriers. With its inherent comfort and adaptable fit, this garment emerges not just as a fashion statement, but as a potential heirloom for generations to cherish.

A Palette of Meaning

In our latest collection, we unveil four distinct blazers, each meticulously crafted from luxurious 100% Scottish wool. What distinguishes them are the meticulously selected details and the infusion of timeless tartan fabrics. From the vibrant saffron red and delicate cream white, symbolizing strength, love, and comfort respectively, to the bold juxtaposition of purple denoting female resilience and peace, green representing hope and wisdom, and pink evoking notions of friendship and inner tranquility.

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