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Our brand is born from a deep passion for timeless style. We hold a strong appreciation for classics and uniqueness, believing that fashion goes beyond trends, serving as a means of individuality and self-expression.

As a small manufacturer, we create jackets exclusively from 100% Scottish wool, sourcing our fabrics from the world's leading producer of tartan. We hope that you will cherish these fabrics as much as we do and that our designs become loved pieces in your wardrobe.



Blazers are loved for their versatility, suitable for any occasion. By selecting the right accessories, you can create various styles, ranging from everyday casual to classic elegance. Our unique blazers bring together these elements, showcasing how tartan and wool can be worn throughout the year.

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We offer collections in drops, with some being larger and others more compact. This allows you to curate your own distinctive capsule collection, reflecting your individuality. 

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Properties of Wool

Wool is a natural fiber derived from keratin protein. Its unique properties include excellent color absorption that remains vibrant over the life of the garment. Wool is durable, resilient (quickly regains its shape), anti-static, and suitable for both summer and winter wear.

Environment and shopping

We prioritize conscious and sustainable practices in our manufacturing process. The high-quality wool fibers used in our blazers are durable and long-lasting. Woolen clothing can be recycled, upcycled, and is biodegradable, decomposing within a few years.

By investing in statement pieces like our blazers, you build a versatile foundation in your wardrobe, reducing the need for excessive clothing purchases. 

Wild Scottish Stag
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